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Plaster Figurine Painting *
Figurines to chose from : 25
Max number of kids         20 
Price per child:            $18.00 
Price includes one additional
project, same for all children:
- Face Painting 
- Balloon Twisting
-Temporary Tattoo
-Sand Art
 -Time to plan:
10 -12 children - 1.5 hours
14-16  children -   2 hours
18-20 children - 2.5  hours
Party takes place in our
Expandable Mobile Studio
Additional  fee applies
$ 5.00 per mile one way
(minimum of $95.00 )
from Post Office in Lunenburg, MA  
Example for booking a party :
16 children, 20 miles way, 
Plaster painting and balloons
16  kids x $18.00= $288.00
20 miles x   $5.00=$100.00
Total:                       $388.00
Advantage if booking
our Traveling studio:
- contained mess and
destruction in your home :), 
- eliminates the stress to prepare
- unique memorable experience
for kids and parents in the only
one in the world patent pending
-flexibility of choosing additional
-bragging rights across different
platforms of social media for kids
and parents
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