Our mission :

- Enhancing  children's creativity by providing a memorable  environment and experience, while saving time and resources to  our customers  with a highly efficient business model.


           Rainbow Turkey  is traveling studio for up to 20 people per session   Designed to serve the children's educational and entertaining market , it  brings all the equipment and supplies in a dedicated van and trailer  to any location. This  gives our customers   the flexibility to tailor their children's  experience in advance or on the spot as desired.

    Along  with the endless variety of supplies , some of the equipment   the studio offers once expanded is:

- Digital Projector with Wide Screen and Surround Sound System for entertaining videos, movies and educational presentations.

- Painting Station suitable for projects with wood, paper, plaster, cloth material etc.

- Sand Art Station

- Balloon Station

- Professional Air Brush Station used for Face painting , Temp Tattoos, T shirt and Canvas painting 

- 4 Distortion ( Carnival Fun)  Mirrors 

- Video Game station

-Tie- Die Station for T shirts and multiple other projects

-Grow in the dark Station

Heading 4

 How does Raibow Turkey work ?

       Once on your location, for less than 10 minutes  the trailer transforms into a full size studio.

      Rainbow Turkey is safe, self saficient, climate controled,fully equiped and supplied Traveling Studio.


Why Hire Rainbow Turkey For Your Next Celebration ?



      -It is scientificaly proven that  changing the enviroment  provokes peoples  creativity . Rainbow Turkey is unique and the only one in the world. We guarantee that it is the first time children and adults would see a vehicle expanded in such a creative and efficient manner. 

What  better change of invoerement  than a functioning invention. Its story would inspire your children to create and follow their dreams?


    - Every square inch is designed to accomodate having fun children. Wide screen with endless choice of children's movies, High quality suraund sound, hanging carnival mirrors. Raibow Turkey helps parents and event hosts to relax and enjoy their  holidays with providing  one stop  solution. No wasting time, resources and energy to  Rearange ,Set Up adn Clean Up

 Your premisses.